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December newsletter

December News at Giordano's

    December 1 - National Christmas Lights Day  December 4 - National Santa’s List Day  December 5 - International Volunteer Day  December 7 - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day  December 7 - Hanukkah Starts  December 12 - National Poinsettia Day  December 15 - Bill of Rights Day  De... Continue Reading

December 07, 2023

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Get ready for a Blooming Thanksgiving: Pre-order your flowers today!

Pre-order your Thanksgiving Flowers and Make Your Table Extra Festive!   The holiday season is fast approaching, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Can you believe it? With so much to plan and prepare, it's easy to overlook the smaller details that can make a big difference in creating the perfect holiday atmospher... Continue Reading

November 14, 2023


November News and Fall Blooms

  NOVEMBER HOLIDAYS TO CELEBRATE! November 1 - World Vegan Day  November 2 - Day of the Dead  November 3 - National Sandwich Day November 5 - Daylight Savings Time  November 8 - National Cappuccino Day  November 11 - Veteran’s Day November 15 - National Clean Out Your Fridge Day  November 17 -... Continue Reading

November 02, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Sweetest Day

Celebrating Sweetest Day with Flower Delivery

  Sweetest Day, which falls on this Saturday, October 21st, is a day dedicated to being sweet and showing kindness to loved ones through thoughtful gestures and small gifts. It's the perfect opportunity to express appreciation and lend a helping hand to someone who could use a little extra love. As a florist in Fort Pierce,... Continue Reading

October 19, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

so glad i live in a world where there are octobers

Reasons to Celebrate October

   October Holidays to Celebrate! October 1st - International Coffee Day ️October 3rd - National Boyfriends Day October 4th - National Taco Day October 5th - World Teacher’s Day ️October 6th - World Smile Day (We love smiling…smiling is our favorite!)October 9th - Canadian Thanksgiving&... Continue Reading

October 03, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations


Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day with Flower Delivery in Fort Pierce

  September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day, and what better way to express your gratitude than with a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers? At Giordano's Floral Creations, your trusted florist in Fort Pierce, Florida, we believe in the power of flowers to bring communities together and foster connections.   Imagine th... Continue Reading

September 27, 2023

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Back to School Flowers

The #1 way to get on a teacher’s good side is…

  As the summer comes to an end and the new school year begins, it's the perfect time to express your gratitude to the teachers who make a difference in your child's life. With their unwavering dedication, they play a crucial role in shaping young minds and guiding their educational journey. What better way to acknowledge t... Continue Reading

September 18, 2023

AuthorBy: Giorano's Floral Creations

Hello September

So long, sweet summer. September here we come!

  Reasons to Celebrate September:  September 2nd - International Bacon Day September 4th - Labor Day September 6th - Read a Book Day September 9th - Teddy Bear Day September 11th - 911 Remembrance Day September 12th - National Chocolate Milkshake Day (see below for recipe) September 18th -National Cheeseburger Day (and... Continue Reading

September 05, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Labor Day

Recharge and Reflect with Flowers

  Happy Labor Day! It is a special day to honor and recognize the hard work and dedication of laborers worldwide. At Giordano's Floral Creations, we believe that this day should be celebrated with family, friends, delicious food, and of course, beautiful flowers. As a trusted flower shop in Fort Pierce, Florida, we invite y... Continue Reading

September 01, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Senior Citizens Day

Show Your Appreciation on Senior Citizens Day with Giordano's Floral Creations!

  August 21st is Senior Citizens Day, a special occasion dedicated to celebrating and honoring the older people in our lives. It's the perfect time to give them a call, take them out to lunch, or even surprise them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. At Giordano's Floral Creations, we believe in the importance of recognizi... Continue Reading

August 21, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Back to School Flowers

Express your affection with a thoughtful bouquet of flowers

Sending flowers is a way of expressing gratitude for a relationship and reminding that person they are cherished. It's a chance to shower someone with love and appreciation, making them feel truly valued.  Embrace the opportunity to let flowers become your messenger and brighten someone's day in the week ahead.   3 sug... Continue Reading

August 08, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Passion for Flowers

Blooms of Gratitude: Celebrating Our Passion for Flowers in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie

Today, as I sit down to reflect on the remarkable journey that has brought me to be your beloved neighborhood florist, words simply cannot express the overwhelming gratitude I feel for the opportunity to serve the beautiful communities of Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, Florida and the surrounding areas. With each passing day, I... Continue Reading

July 31, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Independent Retailer Month

July is Independent Retailer Month

  We hope this post finds you well and surrounded by beautiful summer life! July is Independent Retailer Month, and we are excited to celebrate with you! As a small locally owned and operated flower shop, we understand the importance of supporting our community and fellow independent retailers. We also understand the va... Continue Reading

July 24, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations


5 Healthy Habits to Adopt for Summer

    1. Drink lots of water   Staying hydrated is crucial to keeping the body running at its best. Get a fun water bottle for motivation, and keep it with you throughout the day so you don't forget.   2. Trade screen time for the great outdoors   Getting outside at least once a day— shooting hoops i... Continue Reading

July 12, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Shop Local

July Sunshine: Fresh Ideas & Seasonal Tips

  July is National Independent Retailer Month This month, it’s time to really celebrate all the independent retailers and local businesses that are the backbone of our community.  Whether that means choosing local restaurants over chains, buying from the local bakery instead of big-box, buying a book from a small... Continue Reading

July 05, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Fresh Summer Blooms

Summer Solstice Meets Vibrant Bouquet

  It’s officially the longest day of the year!June 21st marks the beginning of summer. That means more picnics, swim parties and sunshine…Speaking of sunshine, we have two new summer designs that would be perfect to take to your next picnic or pool party. Heck- you could even just get it for yourself ... Continue Reading

June 21, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Father's Day

Surprise Dad with a blooming gift this Father's Day!

  Father's Day is Sunday, June 18th As Father's Day approaches, we are reminded of the special bond we share with our dads. They have been our pillars of strength, our role models, and our supporters through thick and thin. This Father's Day, let's take a moment to show our appreciation and love for the dads in our lives. W... Continue Reading

June 12, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

The flower of June - The Rose

What's Trending in June

Reasons to Celebrate the Month of June: June 1st - Say Something Nice Day - We are thankful for you!  June 2nd - National Donut Day - We'll take two! June 4th - National Hug Your Cat Day - Hug at your own risk! June 5th - World Environment Day - Let's all do our part!  June 8th - National Best Friends Day - Send flower... Continue Reading

June 06, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Honoring Memorial Day

Memorial Day Flowers

  As you gather together with friends and family this weekend, take a moment and do something nice for someone as a way of paying tribute to those who made it possible for us to enjoy this long weekend! If you are going to a backyard BBQ, you can bring the host a beautiful arrangement of flowers! Our Designer's Choice&... Continue Reading

May 25, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Cards and flowers

Thoughtful Card Messages for Every Occasion: Giordano's Floral Creations

  In a world bustling with digital communication, there's something undeniably special about receiving a handwritten card on a beautiful flower arrangement. It's a tangible expression of love, appreciation, or support that can brighten someone's day and create lasting memories. At Giordano's Floral Creations, we understand ... Continue Reading

May 23, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

great day to buy a plant

Breathe New Life & Energy Into Your Home

  Are you looking for a way to freshen up your home décor?  Look no further than a green plant! Here are the facts to back it up: 1.    It purifies the air: Green plants are known for their air-purifying abilities. They remove toxins from the air and produce oxygen, making your home... Continue Reading

May 18, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

Giordano's Floral Cooler Pic

Blooming Bliss: Mastering the Art of Flower Care for Vibrant, Long-lasting Beauty

    Flowers are a beautiful addition to any home or office, but they can be tricky to care for. Luckily, we are experts at Giordano’s Floral Creations in Fort Pierce, FL and we're here to share our insider tips on how to care for fresh flowers.   1.    Trim the stems: When you first ... Continue Reading

May 16, 2023

AuthorBy: Giordano's Floral Creations

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